The Locals Cookbook Sri Lanka is the first in a series of travel documentary style cookbooks by author, photographer, stylist and chef Jon Lewin. It combines authentic local recipes, with creative imagery and informative first-hand accounts of Jons life immersed in this truly fascinating culture.
"Good cookbooks deliver exactly what is expected and advertised; they are well crafted, with easy to follow directions and well styled photographs. Great cookbooks however, go a step further. They are steeped in the heart and soul of their creator; they are the ones that transport you to distant lands, whilst conjuring all manner of deeply seeded food memories in the reader. Author, Jon Lewin, of The Locals Cookbook accomplishes this and so much more in his ode to Sri Lankan culture and cuisine."

- Omo and Eulanda of HDYTI
"The Locals' Cookbook: Sri Lanka paints portraits of people through both photography and prose; coupling up cultural insights with tried-and-tested takes on Sri Lankan dishes. Gleaned directly from locals, Jon's recipes are pretty authentic, but are made happily accessible for UK-based home cooks; this is food for cooking, not just looking at."

-Vhari Russel - The Food Marketing Expert.
The Locals Cookbook has had an array of press coverage and has been published in many magazines and newspapers including The Guardian and Delicious Magazine to name but a few.
This debut book is going from strength to strength and has now been nominated in several categories at The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.
In his spare time when he’s not behind the lens or in the kitchen, Jon enjoys surfing, cooking, foraging and exploring the globe in search of new projects and adventures. He splits his time between Bristol and his little caravan on the Gower in South Wales.